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Woman Owned Law Firm

Liepold, Harrison & Associates, PLLC (LHA) is a national law firm that finds creative solutions to complex problems that affect investors and financial institutions across a variety of asset classes. We specialize in asset diligence and management from pre-funding stage through liquidation by using our extensive knowledge and experience managing asset and loan impediments, bankruptcy and foreclosure processes, title, compliance, and litigation strategies.  This has allowed us to offer our clients customized solutions to fix the problems that impact their returns.

The firm was created by investment, mortgage, title, legal, and technology professionals with the intention of being a nimble and unique entrepreneurial firm that can flex with the ever-changing legal, regulatory and economic environment. By incorporating these varied areas of expertise, we can deliver fast, measurable, and cost-effective solutions to address issues that keep an asset from being liquidated, marketable and/or enforceable. 


Liepold, Harrison & Associates, PLLC provides cost-effective products and services on a national scope to investors, banks, servicers, and law firms.  LHA leverages sophisticated data and computer science tools to build customized, automated processes for our clients, on scale and at competitive pricing, across multiple lines of businesses, with proven consistency and predictability of service, costs, and turnaround times.  

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